The Ministry of Music by Gospel Minister(s) exists to showcase the love of Christ via music and arts to others. The Conservatory is an integral part of a complete ministry and mission of the church of God on earth that strives to be at the forefront of leading the congregation to worship God in Truth and in Spirit.

The impact music plays in growing and developing the church of Christ cannot be overstated. The worship experience is not only about hearing a message from a minister or learning a new interpretation of  Scripture, but rather an undiluted and fulfilling worship experience involves building the community (the church) and creating an atmosphere wherein the move of the Spirit is unhindered.

MTCM has in the Pre-Diploma curriculum, programs that ensure the minister(s) are well grounded and skilled in the art of music leadership and music performance – Choir Training, Conducting, Aural Training and Sight Singing, Praise and Worship Technique are some of such programs:

  • 3 months (full-time)
  • 3 weeks Fast-Track (for Foreign Regions only)
  • Accommodation (optional – N2,500 per night)